Welcome to Aastha College | An ISO 9001:2015 Certified College!!

Dear All,


Best Regards!

I would like to inform you that Aastha College – Graduate School of Management (AC-GSM), from now onwards, shall be managed by THE BEST TEAM in the town including me BALABHADRA KOIRALA, TANKA PD SITAULA, DAMBARU PD POKHREL, SHANKAR PD PARAJULI, TIKA ADHIKARI, and PALLAVI BHATTARAI. This dedicated team is determined to offer you the Best of the Services that you deserve. And I, on behalf of my team, would like to assure you that AC-GSM Service would be the only best service provider(ISO 9001:1015 CERTIFIED) in the town. The AC-GSM Service would include the following exclusive features:


  • Integration of curriculum of B.B.S. Program (T.U.) and AC-GSM Exclusive - Curriculum - The B.B.S. Program in AC-GSM is integration of curriculum of B.B.S. Program (T.U.) and AC-GSM Exclusive Curriculum - curriculum designed to meet the requirement of global organizational setup. This program is designed by AC-GSM for the first time and shall prove to be one of the best curriculums in Nepal. AC-GSM Exclusive comprises of Practical and Imperative Skills - Basic to Advance Level English, IELTS, Business English; Computer Skills – Basic to Advance level including various Accounting Programs; Banking and Entrepreneurship Trainings and Skill Development Programs.
  • Service limited to only and only to AC-GSM - The AC-GSM team members would limit their involvement to AC-GSM only. This means that the faculty members of AC-GSM would not teach in other educational institutes for B.B.S. program.
  • Regular Examination and Evaluation - The AC-GSM has the provision of weekly examination and evaluation. The report of the performance shall be disclosed to guardians.
  • Application of Modern Appropriate Technology – AC- GSM would apply modern appropriate technology to enhance, upgrade, socialize as well as to ‘techonolise ‘ with new global practices like e-library, e-clubs, Graduate Students’ Society, Entrepreneurs’ Clubs and other extra curricular activities.


Also, I would like to assure you that after having completed your studies in AC – GSM you will be qualified as competent human resource that would deserve rewarding career or would be able to initiate entrepreneurship.


I believe that you all would understand the importance of RIGHT EDUCATION and would come to AC-GSM to earn the degree that works.


You are all welcome!





Balabhadra Koirala