Academics, Professionals and Experts, concerned with the quality of education, future of youths, development of society and prosperity of the nation has formed a group in your town – Damak. The team is determined to empower you (graduate students) with RIGHT EDUCATION that integrates academic, practical and social skill by utilizing best available technology. In this highly competitive global market, the RIGHT EDUCATION would be helpful to outstand the crowd and secure placement in the career you dream about. In this regard, the BEST TEAM in the town with Academics -  DAMBAR RIJAL in Mathematics & Statistics; SANDESH GHIMIRE in Finance; BHIM POKHREL in Accounts; TIKA ADHIKARI in Economics; NIRMAL GADTAULA in English; Professionals – YUBA RAJ DAHAL & DEEPAK THAPA (Bankers) in Banking and Other Financial Trainings and faculties; and Management Coach and Social Activist - PHANINDRA Raj KHAREL in skill development and faculty has come forward to offer you with BACHELOR IN BUSINESS STUDIES – a T. U. Program in AASTHA COLLEGE – GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (AC-GSM),  and share the best of their experience, knowledge and expertise to you – the graduate students of Damak and its vicinity.
 DEAR STUDENTS, it’s a good start, isn’t it? Well! To tell you the truth, this is just the beginning; we have more to offer to you in the future. Moreover, this is the beginning of RIGHT EDUCATION – a complete blend of academic, practical, technological and social education. Be informed that RIGHT EDUCATION increases your competency and helps you to secure your future in terms of educational enlightenment, career achievement, economic prosperity and much more. Friends, the best team in the town is ready to impart you with the right education. But, ARE YOU READY????